Monday, October 12, 2015

Mon(diy) - DIY Tassel Garland

Happy Monday!

What better start to the week than a DIY? This week I made a cute tassel garland, it's perfect for brightening any room-
from a dorm wall to a work office!
The best part? You only need 3 things and it takes around 3 minutes!

Let's get started!

Materials: yarn, an index card, and scissors

To make the tassel, take a standard index card and cut it however big you want your tassel strings

Then, cut a small rectangle from your shape

Start wrapping your yarn around the card to desired thickness, around 10-15 times.

Then cut a small piece of yarn and knot the top of the tassel

Cut the bottom part of the tassel and...

you're finished! 

Repeat the process a few times, slip it on a string and you have yourself a garland! 

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